Saturday, May 8, 2010

Asparagus Sushi

When I was a little girl, I despised white asparagus. I was nevertheless really happy whenever my Mom announced that we would have white asparagus for dinner. Why? Because the side dishes were flewn in straight from cockaigne, or so it seemed: Salty pancakes and thick slices of the local butcher's best ham. And as if that wasn't enough, melted butter was poured on top of everything. So, while the grown-ups enjoyed the asparagus, I boycotted the vegetable and made pancake-ham rolls. Today's recipe is an homage to those days. And,  since I soon realized that white asparagus wasn't that bad after all, it now takes center stage in my rolls!
So: Don't Bogart that asparagus-roll my friend, pass it over to me!  Roll another one, just like the other one!

 Asparagus Sushi

white asparagus
(boiled) ham, ask your local butcher to make thicker-than-usual slices
2 eggs
10 tablespoons of flour
250 ml milk

Start with the pancake dough. I follow my sister's recipe to make them extra fluffy. Separate the eggs, and  beat the egg whites until they are firm. Pour the egg yolks, the milk, the flour and a pinch of salt into a blender and mix until you get a creamy dough. Carefully fold in the egg whites. Put the dough into the fridge and let it rest there for 30-60 minutes. 

Peel the asparagus. Boil the asparagus as usual. If you have never prepared asparagus before, here is how I do it: Put a teaspoon of sugar into a pot of boiling water (this will take away the bittern which asparagus potentially contains). Add the peeled asparagus. The tips don't need to be fully covered with water, they can steam, as they are softer. Take the asparagus out after 10-15 minutes, or whenever the asparagus slightly bends (the cooking time depends on the diameter of the asparagus).

In a greased pan, bake pancakes the size of your ham slices. 

Assemble the rolls: Take a pancake, add a slice of ham and an asparagus, and roll it up. Cut the roll into bite-sized pieces. 

Instead of soy sauce, serve melted butter to dip the asparagus sushi in!

I think the asparagus sushi would complement a brunch-buffet quite nicely, so I would like to nominate this recipe for Zorra's big  jubilee-blog-event!


  1. Super Idee! Damit kannst du sicher noch ein paar Spargelskeptiker überzeugen. Danke fürs Mitmachen am Event.

  2. Tolle Idee - und inspirierend! Warum nicht mal mit grünem Spargel, dann eventuell 3-5 Stangen?

  3. I wish I were there to enjoy one of my favourite spring dishes in such an artistic form!

  4. wow, die sehen toll aus, super idee!! ich hab auch schon mal wiener maki gemacht, mit würstel im brot und schnitzel als sushi ;-)

  5. étonnante recette!
    Je vais la tester toute de suite <3