Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tom, Luca and my humble self

I admit, though living in New York is pretty cool, there are some things that I really hate about it.

 Knit-Art by Orly Genger in Madison Square Park

One of this was knowing that I had to skip my yearly routine of enjoying “Staatsoper für alle” which took place last Sunday on Bebelplatz as always with the talented Staatskapelle and the one and only Daniel Barenboim. It would have been I think my fifth time attending this year… sigh…


But tonight I was more than recompensed for missing out on that, Suzanne Vega's free open air concert in Madison Square Park was absolutely outstanding. She can sing. She knows how to play the guitar.

low quality photos = more fun in real life = no time wasted on trying to produce great photos= yeahh!

I sat left of center, she played “left of center” (seen from the stage). I live around the corner of Tom’s Diner (that Tom’s Diner), she played “Tom’s Diner”. Weird fact about me: “Luca” always makes me happy, although the song is about such a horrible fate (domestic abuse). I think it stems from the time when I didn’t really understand the lyrics. Seriously, when I know that I have something boring to do, or something I don't like doing (like doing the dishes) I turn on that song, and sing along and I cheer up!
Anyway, it was a perfect evening! More of those! 

copyright of all photos j. 

FYI: the last photo shows the line of people waiting to order their shake shack burger. Now, a burger can be pretty good, but here is a simple thumb rule: If the line is too long to get the last person standing in line and the first person standing in line on the same photo without using your panoramic-photo-maker, no matter how good their food is supposed to be, you don’t line up.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bye bye Brooklyn - hello Manhattan

Sunset and the NY-Skyline on a windy evening in Mid-June

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Celebrate Brooklyn! At Prospect Park

Brooklyn and especially the neighborhoods around Prospect Park - the better Central Park - feel very much like a mixture of the Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg neighborhoods in Berlin. 

The it-accessoires here seem to be a) a baby in a stroller b) a jogging outfit drenched with sweat or c) a dog. So, in order to fit in, I will just have to get myself a dog because let's face it, even if I find a boyfriend tomorrow, get pregnant instantly, that baby will be born by the time I will already be back in Berlin. And me jogging? Hahahhahahha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha. Ok, I think I caught hahahahhahha. Ok, but now I think I caught myself! Good thing I am only staying in Brooklyn until I can move into my place in Manhattan so relax, I won't get a freaking dog (might get one in Chinatown one day though...).

Last Wednesday marked the opening night of Celebrate Brooklyn! A free (!) openair concert series in the band shell in Prospect Park. Though I had never heard of the singer (Patty Griffin, anyone?), I really enjoyed the chilly summer night (good thing I had been workig on a sunburn all day long, kept me warm during the evening) in the Park surrounded by people from the neighborhood sharing a picknick on blankets in the grass. 
I had bought my dinner at Gather - I tasted better than it looked in that brown paper box (green asparagus, Pasta with Pesto and Thai marinated steak). 

There are even food stalls around the band shell and people really seemed to enjoy the available hamburgers and ice cream sandwhiches.

Just got to love light stings stretching all the way from the stage to surrounding treetops!

On the way home, I learned this little wisdom. Seems like George Burns' childhood falls into the period when rubber boots were still made from wood...

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The quest for regular European style yoghurt or: Schlachtplatte goes New York!

Do you know the amazing race? One of my guilty pleasures is to watch this completely braindead cornucopia of stereotypes. I mean, the teams of two are already presented as easy labels (the "gay team", the "mother and daughter who both survived breastcancer team", the "hispanic team", the "highschool sweetheart team" and so on and so on) and the "challenges" that the teams have to win in each country represent all stereotypes of said country in a nutshell (schuhpladeln and Bierkrug-carrying in Germany, Baguette baking in France, jumping like a kangaroo in Australia...). What the show doesn't get is that the true challenges of being abroad lie somewhere else. 

Schlachtplatte will be in Manhattan for the next five months and alreday after one week, I found my challenge: Finding regular, no low fat no no fat no extra vitamine a or vitamine d no made from skim milk European style yogurt that does not proudly announce on the lid "no growth hormones used". Ah, and maybe I should add that said yoghurt should not cost a dollar per spoon. After all, you want to enjoy eating it. I mean how freakin difficult can it actually be to sell plain old yogurt??

Until I find myself a decent pot of yogurt I just have to feed myself with other goodies. Such as Sushi and Rughala from the Chelsea Market, eaten with a view on the High Line. The high line is a former railroad line several stories above ground meandering through Manhattan's West side which was turned into a park a couple of years ago. 


 There are large deckchairs, benches in the sun, and terraces in the shade as well as occasional picknick tables.

There are interesting flora and architecture to be discovered.

 copyright of all photos j.

And, right now at the Northern end of the High Line, there is a construction site that put a smile on my face. It looks like an hommage to Christo and Jeanne-Claudes gates in Central Park, doesn't it?