Saturday, June 28, 2014

back to reality

Ach, Berlin. 

I had been home for two days when I took an evening walk on a sunny Sunday evening, the air crispy clear, evreybody's mood set on summer. On my way back home, I get into this weird situation where someone is coming your way and the two of you repeatedly try to walk out ouf each other's way, but murphy's law always makes you choose exactly the side that the other person also chose to avoid bumping into you. Switching sides, three, four times. The guy all of a suden stops, looks at me and with a huge smile says "look, we're dancing!" Ach, only in Berlin!

Then, the other day, I was walking down the street and these two boys had spread a blanket in front of their house on which they were selling toys which they had grown out of (and a pair of high heels - I hope their Mom new about that...). One of them asked me wether I wanted to buy anything, which I politely declined to which he answered "but ahh, but but what about ahh, what about a shampoo that will turn you into a hip hop dance star?" Ach, Berlin, even your kids are funnier! I still regret that I also declined that offer, man, it sure would have been nice to know if that shampoo really worked...

If inside is Leberkäse, then this Berlin reality outside is the kind of reality I want to live in. Sorry, New York, it's not you, it's me...

The best summer dish in the city of Berlin is a potluck of your favorite items bought at your local market. In my case:

1 Stremellachs filet
1 hand full of salad with mixed herbs and flowers
a couple of fresh peas
5 tiny new potatoes
a tomato

Mix everything together and enjoy!

 copyright of all photos j.