Saturday, September 20, 2014

Perros Guirec

One of the nicest parts of the Grande route is the leg between Port Blanc and Perros Guirec!

I did exactly as indicated on this sign and at walking speed made my way to Perros Guirec.

My hotel in Perros Guirec was right on the Trestraou beach, a true dream come true! Upon my arrival, I immediately changed into my bikini and spent the rest of the day on the beach. I told you this was the perfect vacation! Of course I also ate the opéra I had bought at La Chaumière as a picknick on the beach, totally normal, right? It was good, but I have to bitch a little bit about the fact that the patissiers in France no longer make the opéra with a praliné layer at the bottom? I mean, helloooo, everyone knows that that is basically the best part of an opéra! So chèr monsieur le patissier, get your act together!

I spent hours watching high tide turn into low tide! The tower you see here was completely under water the last day I was there (one day before full moon)! It's truly mesmerizing to watch how the ocean rolls in!

On my second day in Perros Guirec, the weather wasn't picture perfect, at least in the morning. But I didn't mind, as it was a day off  from hiking anyway, and I had planned to take the boat tour around the sept îles, a bird sanctuary. I thought the masses of birds were rather freaky, and if anyone could please explain to me, why thousands of birds don't collide when they all fly in the same area in the sky? Answers are greatly appreciated! (And  stories about secret towers with whom they radio and constanly inform mister bird air control... no, I don't buy that!)

After dinner, I always took a long walk along the beach, watching the sunset (at 21.45!!!!). Comme dieu en France, what can I say!

copyright of all photos j.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


After two days of hiking for 6-7 hours, I had been looking forward to my 5 hour hike that day ... only to discover during the hike that it would be just as long...

I started in Plougrescant, a small town with a very old church and nothing much else.

I spotted really funky tiger-caterpillars (any caterpillar-ologists reading the blog?).

And I happily (at least in the beginning) hiked like the stickman and stickwoman on this sign!

copyright of all photos j.

Friday, September 5, 2014


After the Ile de Bréhat, the next day's hike went from Paimpol to Tréguier. The red and white marker became my best friend. The joy of seeing one when you're no longer sure you're on the right track, ahhh!

I had already bought a quiche in Paimpol earlier that morning, and when I walked through l'Armor I stopped at the local market stall and bought some fruit and tomatos for my picknick. A crate of strawberries from Plougastel had to follow with me though it didn't even make it to the picknick but was eaten up long before...
I also got some peaches and 5 cherry tomatoes which I didn't even have to pay for!

Most of the time, my path looked somewhat like this: magical, right?

Am I the only person to think that the dog on that sign looks like a little lamb? In any case I love the idea that dogs are forbidden at most (all?) beaches in Bretagne!

If I were allowed to show only one picture to explain France to Marsians, this would be it! I mean, a picknick table designed so that everyone can enjoy the view of the ocean? Only a Grande Nation like France would be so sensitive to the small pleasures of life!

And this was my picknick for the day. What, you mean you don't decorate your picknicks with flowers? Well, that's your loss!

On the days that the weather permitted it, I made blueprints of things I had collected during my hikes: shells, flowers, sticks, whatever! The ocean is perfect to develop the blueprints right then and there.

And hydrangeas... can you ever get tired of them in Bretagne? I had the impression that it would have been a bigger challenge to eradicate them like weed than to have them in your garden!

copyright of all photos j.