Monday, July 13, 2015

Meals on Wheels: Amsterdam

So, the Netherlands. Hmm. Honestly, I don't really know a whole lot about Dutch cuisine. And, having just come back from a short trip to Amsterdam, I must say I still don't know a whole lot.

Sure, there is Stroopwafels, a cookie drenched in caramel sirup that is highly adictive. And there is Gouda. 

But, over all, dare I write it? Food-wise, I found Amsterdam quite disappointing. Fried stuff seems to be popular for snacks, but I'm not too fond of croquettes. And sure, you can find decent croissants and stuff, but nothing screamed "I am Dutch cuisine, I am what Dutch people crave when they live abroad". Call me picky, but even the Gouda...compared to the variety and art of cheese in France for instance, a Gouda, no matter how aged, just doesn't really grab my attention.

There was however one market taking place on Saturdays: Noordermarkt, that I highly recommend to any foodie! Awesome produce, especially the stall with fresh herbs - they even had fresh Greek mountain tea (Sideritis)!!

And the flowers, oh my! So, so, so cheap! Even in Berlin, flowers are pretty affordable, but in Amsterdam, I would constantly have huge bouquets in every single room of my houseboat. Because, yes, besides food, there was one thing that really, really caught my attention: houseboats! I want one, I need one, I am constantly googling houseboats (followed by: how to quickly win the lottery)!

Tips for future trios to Amsterdam are highly appreciated in the comments-sections!

all photos taken by j.