Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Meals on wheels: Seoul day three part two

Yes, Korea, you do have some good ass food! And some of it can be found in Hongdae, where we headed over after strolling around in the Bukchon Hanok Village.

We had lunch at a cafe that also had a dentist's office (or at least they shared the same entrance). Luckily, we didn't need the dentist. We chose a salad with Bulgogi and a Indian inspired rice dish with Shrimp but the real star of the meal was the Yuzu-ade that I chose as a drink. Tart, cold, sprakling, just about the perfect drink in my world!

Here is the Yuzu-Ade, which marked the begining of many more Ades that we ordered!

 Hongdae sports some interesting architecture.

But Hongdae seems to be most famous for its many cafés that cater to the students of a nearby university. Since we just had lunch, we will never know that this café made with the millions of eggs that they stored!

Every café seemed to outdo the café next door, creating picture perfect cakes and tortes!

Sobok finally was the place where I had to give in! Even though I wasn't really hungry, I just had to try their strawberry icecream that came in small balls.

Thanks to the hand model, sporting matching nail polish! The ice cream was good and each ball had a rice cake center which I love love love, but on the whole, it was more about the looks, I guess.

These fish waffels, not from Sobok, were also supposed to be filled with ice cream scoops. 

After Hongdae, we stopped by the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a marvelous piece of megalomaniac modern architecture that one can only find in Asia (and places like Dubai, I would imagine).  The Design Plaza is supposed to market Korean design. I would say it is especially nice to go there around sunset. 

For dinner, we had Kalguksu (soup) and Mandu (Korean style Jiaozi) at Myeongdong Kyoja restaurant where those were the only dishes on the menu (plus cold buckwheat noodles drenched in "red" aka, the stuff that numbs your mouth for hours but is devoured by Koreans). The restaurant is famous for its noodles and the place is always packed. It's not a restaurant to go to if you want an elaborate three course dinner. On the contrary, it's more like fast food, but mighty good fast food. The noodles and Mandu were delicious and the savory broth really really good!

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