Thursday, June 29, 2017

Meals on Wheels: Jeju, Korea, Black pork barbeque

After two pieces of cake for breakfast and one piece of cake in the afternoon, I wanted something really hearty for dinner. Jeju is famous for black pigs which end up on your plate as black pork barbeque. 

The restaurant was right around the corner from our hotel and from the outside looked like a place that I would not really have gone into if it hadn't been recommended to us by the hotel. It was packed with people and we had to put down our name on a list. With about 8 people ahead of us (and the restaurant not having more than maybe 14 chairs anyway), we were told that it would be a long wait, but I was determined and so we stayed in front of the restaurant and waited. 
After about 30 minutes, it was finally our turn and we were seated in one corner, at our very own barbeque table with a nozzle for the smoke. 

As usual, a variety of condiments were brought first, then, once the grill had heated up, we got the slice of pork that we had ordered! Of course it was cut with a pair of scissors, as knives are sooo 1990s in Korea...

The porc way delicious, how could it not be? Look at all the grease and fat! The overall experience was also really funny, as all, and I mean ALL of the waiters came to our table at least once, even if it was just to turn one small piece of meat that didn't really need to be turned yet! As Europeans, we were clearly the sensation of the evening! Not only for all the other guests, who eyed us, but also for the waiters who all wanted to be around our table. In the end, one of them even asked us - via google translate - if he could take our picture and being in a jolly mood, we said yes :-)

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